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Substance abuse – What is it?

Substance abuse

Substance abuse is the use of drugs, alcohol, or chemicals. The substance abuse results in physical, psychological, emotional harm to the user or others. Substance abuse is rare before the teenage years. Most frequently abused substances include: alcohol.

People abuse substances such as drugs, alcohol, and tobacco for varied and complicated reasons, but it is clear that our society pays a significant cost. The toll for this abuse can be seen in our hospitals and emergency departments through direct damage to health by substance abuse and its link to physical trauma. Jails and prisons tally daily the strong connection between crime and drug dependence and abuse. Although use of some drugs such as cocaine has declined, use of other drugs such as heroin and “club drugs” has increased.

Short- and Long-Term Effects of Substance Abuse

Drugs work by stimulating various parts of the human body, including certain areas of the brain. The many different types and classifications of drugs produce a variety of short-term effects, but the most common ones include increased heart rate, high blood pressure, dizziness, tremors, mood changes and paranoia. In high dosages, the risk for more dangerous effects increases, and the potential for heart attack, stroke, respiratory failure and coma increase.

Understanding Overdoses

Most people who struggle with drug addiction/substance abuse face the issue of tolerance buildup. After continuous use, the body becomes less and less stimulated by the drug. This may cause a person to begin using higher dosages to obtain the same high. Although the person may not feel as high, the damaging properties of the drug cause the same amount of harm. If the body receives a level of drugs that it cannot tolerate, this leads to an overdose. While some overdoses occur after continuous use, they can also happen after one single use of a drug.

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  1. Sandra on November 22, 2021 at 7:46 pm

    I need some advice for close family member who s addicted to Marijuana, +-5 years now. Unfortun he is also suffering from a chronic kidney condition, and though this seems to help with the pain & appetite, i think his condition has worsened over time as his body & mind is constantly on up & down from smoking weed (my view by observing him over last few years). I think we should try rehab, but not sure he LL agree, can we force him? He stopped working due to his poor health incl. gradual loss of eyesight. He is now 54 years old, married with no kids. Former occupation: teacher/ Qualified civil engineer.
    Please advise me of best way forward, we re in Cape Town. Thanking you in advance. Regards

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