About Us

“The task ahead of us can never be greater than the Power behind us”

Upon admission to our rehabilitation program, individuals are granted a dedicated space to immerse themselves in the process of recovery, enabling a focused exploration of the underlying issues that have fueled destructive and addictive beliefs and behaviors. In this therapeutic journey, we stand beside each resident, walking the road of recovery together.

The program is meticulously designed to provide a supportive environment where individuals can confront the challenges rooted in their past, paving the way for profound healing and transformation. This comprehensive approach addresses not only the surface-level symptoms of addiction but delves into the deeper layers of emotional, psychological, and behavioral complexities.

Our team, comprising compassionate professionals, guides residents through a tailored plan that recognizes and addresses their unique needs. Through individualized counseling, therapy sessions, and skill-building exercises, residents gain insights into their patterns of thought and behavior, equipping them with the tools needed for lasting change.

As the journey unfolds, residents are encouraged to cultivate resilience and self-awareness, fostering the development of a robust foundation for sober living. This process extends beyond abstaining from substances; it encompasses a holistic transformation that empowers individuals to embrace a healthier, substance-free lifestyle and rebuild their lives with newfound strength and purpose.


Ezekiel House offers a holistic substance abuse rehabilitation treatment program.
Some important aspects of the process to concentrate on:

Rehabilitation Center Aspects

  • Medical assessments
  • Psychiatric assessments
  • Psychological counseling
  • Fitness Training
  • Spiritual enrichment
  • Social development
  • Group therapy
  • 12-step classes
  • Life skills groups
  • NA/AA group
  • Team building
  • Gardening and animal care


The comprehensive and integrative strategy employed in addressing substance abuse, in conjunction with the inpatient program, equips each individual with the necessary skills and support for goal attainment and sustained sobriety.

Residents follow a structured daily routine overseen by operations and case managers, ensuring a supportive environment for their journey to recovery.

Set against the backdrop of our serene farm environment, individuals experience moments of peaceful reflection. Daily interactions with animals, tending to flower beds, and working in the vegetable garden offer tangible and rewarding opportunities to witness the fruits of their labor. This holistic approach not only fosters a sense of connection with nature but also provides therapeutic outlets that contribute to the overall well-being of our residents.


Support for Families

The repercussions of addiction extend beyond the individual, impacting loved ones profoundly. We advocate for parents to engage with the Tough Love group, providing continuous support and guidance through individual sessions and a weekly support group conducted at the rehabilitation center.

Moreover, our dedicated social worker takes charge of residents with minor children, orchestrating family sessions and supervised visitations. This initiative aims to foster reconciliation within families, while also providing assistance with pending criminal cases and family-child interventions.