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About Us

“The task ahead of us can never ever be greater than the Power behind us”

Residents are admitted onto a  rehabilitation  program. This gives a person time to concentrate on their recovery and on the underlying issues that contributed to destructive and addictive beliefs and behavior. A road is walked with each individual to help them confront these challenges and to lay a strong foundation for sober living.


Ezekiel House offers a holistic substance abuse rehabilitation treatment program.
Some important aspects of the process to concentrate on:

Rehabilitation Center Aspects

  • Medical assessments
  • Psychiatric assessments
  • Psychological counseling
  • Fitness Training
  • Spiritual enrichment
  • Social development
  • Group therapy
  • 12-step classes
  • Life skills groups
  • NA/AA group
  • Team building
  • Gardening and animal care


This holistic and integrative approach to treating substance abuse combined with the in patientvprogram, provides every person with the skills and support needed to achieve goals and maintain sobriety.

Residents have a full, structured day and are overseen by operations and case managers.

Our tranquil farm environment promotes peaceful reflection and daily opportunities to interact with animals, tend flower beds, work in the vegetable garden, and to see the labor of your hands, which is always rewarding.



Family Support

Addiction has far-reaching consequences affecting not only the person affected, but loved ones as well. We encourage parents to join the Tough Love group as this offers on-going support and advice for parents and family members through individual sessions and a weekly support group via rehabilitation center .

In addition, our social worker oversees residents with minor children, facilitates family sessions and supervised visitations to promote reconciliation, assisting with pending criminal cases and family-child interventions.