New Life Management (Reintegration)


Repeatedly, we have observed that achieving enduring, long-term recovery necessitates the successful completion of both an inpatient program and our interpersonal reintegration initiative known as New Life Management.

Participation in the New Life Management program is contingent upon the successful completion of all facets of the inpatient program. This milestone signifies that a resident has attained a state of emotional, psychological, and physical empowerment, enabling them to engage successfully in the reintegration process.

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We believe that primary care creates a foundation for reintegration, this is the most important part of the programs we offer.

The Goal

Structured hands-on facilitation forms the core of New Life Management, establishing an accountability structure aimed at assisting individuals in the practical implementation of the lessons learned during their primary care program.

With consistent feedback and clear expectations, those who successfully complete our inpatient program are gradually reintegrated into society, allowing them to regain stability. We actively support and guide our residents in finding employment and purpose, fostering a supportive environment as they embark on their journey to a new and fulfilling life.

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