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New Life Management (Reintegration)

We have seen time and time again that long term sustained recovery happens only as a result of the completion of an inpatient program and an interpersonal reintegration program which we call New Life Management.

To be able to go through the New Life Management program an individual needs to have successfully completed all aspects of their inpatient program. This would mean that a resident has reached a place in their recovery where they are emotionally, psychologically and physically empowered to take on the reintegration process successfully.

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We believe that primary care creates a foundation for reintegration, this is the most important part of the programs we offer.

New Life Management is achieved through structured hands on facilitation of an accountability structure, designed to help a person practically implement what they have learnt on their primary care program.

Through constant feedback and necessary expectations, individuals who complete our inpatient program are given the opportunity to slowly re-enter society and find their feet. We encourage and assist our residents to find employment and purpose in life and offer a supportive environment to start their new lives.

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