Substance Abuse Treatment

We know how hard it is to deal with the problem of addiction and substance abuse. The tools required to live a good life and how to deal with life on a daily basis are the core philosophy of our approach to dealing with addiction.

Our substance abuse treatment programs are designed to empower our residents with the foundation and ability to successfully reintegrate back into society. As such, the emphasis of our treatment approach is geared towards a focus on their reintegration phase. We have seen over the last 10 years that the greatest change and true successes come from our hands-on involvement in each individual’s reintegration.

Ezekiel House offers various substance abuse treatment programs which are designed to best accommodate individual people regardless of their current life situation. We firmly believe that treatment is a long-term process and the desired duration of treatment for everyone is the same while the program may be structured differently.

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We firmly believe that treatment is a long-term process and while the program may be structured differently, the duration of treatment is the same for all patients.

Finding the right substance abuse treatment centre can be a difficult task for a family, therefore we believe that the recovery process should involve the addict and their loved ones. The road to recovery begins with everyone’s involvement to determine how best to tackle the problem at hand.

Admission to one of the programs offered at Ezekiel House will be dependent on an individual evaluation. Each program has different criteria to determine which substance abuse treatment program is the right fit for the individual  and whether the desired outcome will be achieved.

Ezekiel House offers and encourages face to face evaluations with the affected person, however we have found that in many cases it is possible to complete the evaluation by analysing a detailed history of the drug, alcohol or substance abusing person with their family and loved ones.

At Ezekiel House, we are here to help you (or your loved one) get started on the road to recovery.

8-Month Residential Program with a 2-Month New Life Management Phase

It is clear that, for numerous individuals, drug, alcohol, and substance abuse serve as a coping mechanism for unresolved issues. These substances often act as a means to numb the pain and discomfort associated with those underlying problems.

New Life Management (Reintegration)

Repeatedly, we have observed that enduring, long-term recovery is achievable only through the successful completion of both an inpatient program and a comprehensive interpersonal reintegration initiative.