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Alcohol Dependency Recovery

At Ezekiel House, our focus extends to aiding individuals grappling with alcohol addiction in overcoming their dependence. Our dedicated and compassionate team is committed to identifying, managing, and addressing triggers and cravings, providing essential support throughout the recovery process.

Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

Our goal at Ezekiel House is to assist individuals struggling with substance abuse in reclaiming a sense of normalcy in their lives. We also provide residents with the necessary tools to reintegrate into society and cultivate safe and healthy relationships.

Our Programmes

8-Month Extended Recovery Program

We accompany individuals who voluntarily enroll in our extended rehabilitation program, guiding them through a dedicated eight-month journey focused on their recovery and establishing a resilient foundation for a sober lifestyle.

Brief Intervention Program

Conducted by a team of seasoned recovery professionals, our short-term program acknowledges that not everyone can commit to extended recovery periods due to time or resource constraints. Our primary focus is on promptly addressing the immediate challenges individuals face in their lives and tailoring interventions accordingly.


New Life Management (Reintegration)

Repeatedly, we have observed that enduring, long-term recovery is achievable only through the successful completion of both an inpatient program and a comprehensive interpersonal reintegration initiative.

What Sets Ezekiel House Rehabilitation Centre Apart?

At Ezekiel House, your well-being, life, and family matter deeply to us.

Upon entering our gates, you become a valued member of our supportive family.

We provide a distinctive program tailored to your needs.

Our treatment programs are budget-friendly.

We offer personalized programs designed for families to participate in.

We believe that drugs are not the root issue but rather a consequence of various underlying challenges.

Our approach to recovery is holistic, involving life coaches, social workers, nurses, addiction counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists.

We empathize with our residents, understanding their unique experiences.

Equipped to assist residents in uncovering the answers they seek, we are committed to your journey of recovery.

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