Long Term Rehabilitation Program

8-Month Residential Program with a 2-Month New Life Management Phase

It is clear that, for numerous individuals, drug, alcohol, and substance abuse serve as a coping mechanism for unresolved issues. These substances often act as a means to numb the pain and discomfort associated with those underlying problems.


Our Philosophy

In our extended rehabilitation program, we adopt a comprehensive approach that addresses every facet of the individual's lifestyle affected by addiction. Acknowledging that recovery is a gradual process, our long-term treatment is deemed essential and has proven effectiveness.

It is imperative to recognize that there is no instant solution. However, our focus is on empowering individuals to embrace a new way of life, free from reliance on drugs or alcohol as coping mechanisms. Through this perspective, we believe in the attainability of long-term recovery.

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Our Extended Rehabilitation Program

Our prolonged rehabilitation initiative targets the physical, emotional, and psychological dimensions of addiction. The customization of each individual's program is based on their unique needs. We bring about essential and foundational transformations in our residents through a diverse range of therapeutic approaches:





It is a combination of these approaches that help an individual regain control of their lives.

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Necessitate the Extended Residential Treatment Program is ideal for:

Individuals with a history of prolonged substance abuse, including drugs, alcohol, and other substances.

Individuals who have undergone multiple treatments in various centers and programs.

Individuals without significant social or employment-related responsibilities.

Individuals facing severe consequences due to substance abuse, necessitating long-term inpatient care.

Individuals who have reached a point of despair and have lost all hope.

The Residential Setting

We offer a substance-free living environment in Pretoria East, fostering healing, transformation, and personal development through sustained engagement in a structured program.

Extended drug, alcohol, or substance abuse often results in a comprehensive breakdown of every aspect of an individual's life. To facilitate recovery, it becomes imperative to separate substance abusers from their existing social structures.

Our program incorporates both fundamental activities like cooking, cleaning, and exercise, as well as more intricate elements such as discipline, self-respect, interpersonal relationship development, and emotional and psychological well-being. These multifaceted aspects of recovery are best addressed over an extended period within the secure confines of a treatment center.


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Support for Families and Loved Ones in the Recovery Process

The impact of addiction extends beyond the individual struggling with substance abuse, affecting their loved ones profoundly. Time becomes a crucial factor for the families impacted by substance use, allowing them to heal and undergo their recovery process independently of the challenges the addict is facing.

Drawing from a decade of experience, we firmly believe and have witnessed unequivocally that profound addiction recovery is achievable over extended periods within an environment conducive to comprehensive recovery.