Outpatient Rehab Program

We facilitate an outpatient program that can only be done in Pretoria and Gauteng. We do this under very specific circumstances.


  • People that can’t necessarily afford inpatient treatment
  • Youth (under 18)
  • First time substance users
  • Ongoing support after a relapse if clean for long periods
  • Single parents that cannot afford to be away from their children

We facilitate a recovery process with various professionals in the fields of substance abuse as well as through an accountability structure within a community of recovering addicts. For example, NA, AA, church attendance, random drug testing and open communication.

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The outpatient rehab program structure is built around the individuals schedule so as to fit in with their work life.

This program is done at the offices of the specific professionals, therapist and counsellors we partner with as well as at Ezekiel House.

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There are expectations that need to be met by each individual within a specific program as determined by the professional support structure who assists them. The ongoing support is comprised of a combination of professionals and recovering experienced addicts who themselves have achieved long term recovery.

We offer this to provide the best possible assistance and help where the criteria for inpatient treatment cannot be met. Such an outpatient rehab program is a last resort as opposed to inpatient treatment.

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