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About Ezekiel House Rehabilitation Centre

Ezekiel House is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in South Africa, situated on a beautiful, tranquil farm in Pretoria East. Our programs are available to anyone who is battling an addiction or is affected by addiction.
Our compassionate team of highly qualified, professional counsellors and therapists are here to offer each resident a customised treatment program designed to address their specific needs.

At Ezekiel House Rehabilitation Centre, our mandate is to wage war on addiction and substance abuse. We have seen the havoc that addiction wreaks on a person’s life, and we understand that addictions of any kind never affects a person in isolation – it affects a persons entire world, including family, friends and colleagues.
At Ezekiel House Rehabilitation Centre, we follow a holistic approach for those struggling with addiction.

Drug Rehab

At Ezekiel House we aim to help those addicted to narcotics to regain normal lives. We also equip residents with the tools  needed  to   re-enter society and support relationships in a safe and healthy way.

Alcohol Rehab

We also aim to help those struggling with an alcohol addiction to overcome  dependence on alcohol. Our professional, compassionate team will help  identify, manage and combat triggers and cravings.

Our Programmes

8-month long-term addiction recovery

We walk with residents who admit themselves into a long-term rehabilitation program, where we help them concentrate on their recovery and laying a strong foundation for sober living.

Short Term Treatment

Our short term program is facilitated by a team of professionals in the field of recovery, we realise that not everyone has the time nor the resources for long term recovery, our focus is to address the immediate challenges faced in a persons life and to address these challenges accordingly.

New Life Management (Reintegration)

We have seen time and time again that long term sustained recovery happens only as a result of the completion of an inpatient program and a interpersonal reintegration program.

What makes Ezekiel House Rehabilitation Centre unique?

  • We really care about you, your life, your family and your wellbeing.
  • When you walk through our gates, you become a part of a family.
  • We offer a unique  program.
  • Our treatment programs are affordable.
  • We offer customised programs for families to attend.
  • We believe that drugs are not the problem but a consequence of various other issues
  • We believe in a holistic approach to recovery, with the help of life coaches, social workers, nurses, addiction counsellors , psychologists and psychiatrists.
  • We understand our residents – 
  • We are equipped to help residents find the answers they’ve been looking for.

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