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3 Week alcohol and substance abuse program

Suitability for our 3-week alcohol and substance abuse program is completely dependent on a very specific set of criteria.

The 3-week program is considered when it is not possible for a person to do our long-term residency program. This alcohol and substance abuse program is offered as an alternative to our long-term residency program, structured to accommodate professionals who are not able to be away from their employment for longer periods of time and single parents who cannot be away from their children for longer than 3 weeks.

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To ascertain if this program will achieve an effective outcome for an individual other than those listed above we need to consider the following:

  • The severity of the alcohol and substance abuse and the period of active addiction or abuse
  • Drug of choice
  • Person’s social dynamic, i.e. family situation.
  • Age of the affected person
  • Severity of the consequences of that alcohol and substance abuse – damage to family dynamic, work situation and possible legal issues
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In the 3-week substance program we take the critical points of the life skills education and cognitive based recovery course curriculum and structure it within a 3-week period.  The aim is to establish a solid foundation for an immediate ongoing reintegration program which commences directly after completion of the 3-week alcohol and substance abuse program.

During the 3-week substance program a resident develops a relationship with a group of professional and experienced peers who will be instrumental in their reintegration process; these same people continue the therapeutic process as an accountability basis after the initial 3 week primary care program.

The 6-week primary care program is done on a residency program at Ezekiel House and the reintegration is longer term but on an outpatient basis, the continuous therapy and accountability takes place at the offices of the relevant professionals involved. Required is attendance of other group support meetings such as AA and NA and if possible cell groups and church.

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